Hanintel Brings the House Down at Gentleman Party!

Hanintel has some exciting updates to share with you! We recently threw a ultra happening Gentleman Party and it was a great success! It was held on 1 June at Uber Social Lounge – Hongdae. Hands up if you were part of the exciting party!



Ladies all dressed up! Ready to party and wow all the gentlemen there


Gentlemen suited up while the ladies dolled up in pretty dresses to fit the theme of the party! About 200 handsome men and beautiful ladies turned up to bring the house down ~


Hanintel had an impressive worldwide reach! People who turned up came from a whole variety of countries, including UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany, India, China, Japan and Singapore!


The party goers could also choose either a green, yellow, or red light stick to wear for the party. Can you guess what each colour means?


Red – TAKEN – My heart is already taken, maybe next time!
Yellow – TRY ME – Let’s be daring!
GREEN meant SINGLE – My heart is not taken yet!


The party was a great chance for everyone to meet new people and forge new friendships!


DJ Milo was fantastic that night and played awesome tunes to get everyone hyped up and dancing madly on the dance floor!


DJ Milo played electronic and house music by famous DJs like David Guetta, Armin Van buuren etc! Everyone partied hard with their friends and had a great time!


We also prepared a great giveaway! Including prizes like trendy celebrity sunglasses from Glasses Cove and famous Maroccan oil which was endorsed by Kim Kardashian.


Party like rockstars with Hanintel! Missed the fabulous party? Don’t worry! Stay tune for the next one and be sure to catch it!

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