5 Places to Shop in Seoul

Tourists are flocking to Korea every year and Seoul is definitely the top city that everyone are sure to visit! It is also known to have an overwhelming number of attractions, so how do we find the best places to shop?

Here with this guide, we are excited to bring to you the 5 places you could shop in Seoul!

1. For crazy all night shopping – Dongdaemun

dongdaemun shopping
photo credit to visitseoul.net

Yes! Dongdaemun, probably the most used phrase when shopping is the topic! Here at Dongdaemun, you have unlimited to shop for at the famed malls, HELLO APM, Migliore, Doota Tower and Good Morning City, which is the newest and cheapest out of the lot. They have an endless gallery of clothings, shoes, bags, accessories and many others! Each has a special level just for male so fret not, guys! You could get really good deals at these malls – though most items are fixed price and rather affordable, you could haggle with some aegyo (acting cute, pitiful or adorable) for even lower prices. Don’t have enough time in the day? Shop past midnight or till sunrise as they are opened till 5am every day!

Malls Opening Hours: 10:20am – 5:00 am
Price range: 10000 won – 50000 won (9 USD and on)
How to get there: Subway, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Line 2, 4, 5), Exit 14


2. For cheapest trendy clothes – Ewha Woman’s University Street

ewha shopping

Ewha is the place where tour guides would not bring you, but it has been one of the most raved about places in recent years! Located just in the vicinity of Ewha Woman’s University, you have streets and streets of cheap ladies clothes as well as accessories and bags that go as low as 10,000 won! There are many cafes and eateries in the area for you to rest your legs when you are too tired from shopping, and you could continue right away once you are done resting! An important tip – make the best out of your shopping trip on a sunny day as there aren’t shelters along the streets!

Opening Hours (est.): 11am – 10pm
Price range: 5000 won – 20000 won ($4.50 USD and on)
How to get there: Subway, Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2), Exit 2/3

3. For endless streets of branded cosmetics and clothes – Myeong dong

myeongdong shopping

Myeongdong is the one-stop shopping area for every brand possible for cosmetics, clothes and accessories! There are endless streets and small lanes lined with repetitive Korean cosmetic brands like Nature RepublicInnisfreeEtude HouseThe Face Shop and Tony Moly… you get it. You will definitely get lost in the busy streets of Myeongdong, but the positive side of it is that you have got endless shops to get lost in! There are also many international brand stores, departmental stores and shopping malls here, so you could really spend an entire day in this giant shopping area!

Opening Hours (est.): 11am – 10pm
Price range: 20,000 won – 100,000 won ($18 USD and on)
How to get there: Subway, Myeong-dong Station (Line 4), Exit 7

4. For a more indie experience – Hongdae

hongdae shopping

When you are finally tired of the rigorous hunts for clothes and cosmetics, you can head to Hongdae for a more slow-paced browsing of cute little whatnots, accessories, stationery, collectibles and souvenirs. Around the vicinity of the Hongdae Playground, there are numerous independent shops to browse and on weekend mornings, you have a Flea Market where all the handicrafts and handmade goods could be found! Hongdae is a favourite to many, for its unique shops, cafes and hidden finds. You would be promised a bag of surprises at Hongdae!

Opening Hours (est.): 11am – 10pm
Price range: 10,000 won – 50,000 won ($18 USD and on)
How to get there: Subway, Hongik University Station (Line 2), Exit 5

5. For the luxury indulgence – Apgujeong

apgujeong rodeo street
photo credit to sellyourseoul

For those who have deeper pockets, Apgujeong is where you could spend your money on big international luxury brands like Prada, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The shopping streets in the area, named Rodeo Street, are lined with a wide selection of designer boutique and hair salon. Stop by Galleria Department Store to find your favourite luxury brands and Hyundai Department Store for the various apparel, sports and household goods you might need!

Opening Hours (est.): 11am – 9pm
Price range: 40,000 won – 1,000,000 won ($36 USD and on)
How to get there: Subway, Apgujeong Station (Line 3), Exit 2

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Finally, for your easy reference, we have collated the shopping maps for this 5 places here!

myeongdong mapEwha
ewhashopping map

hongdae map

dongdaemun market map

apgujeong map

credits to visitkorea.or.kr

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