How to use the T-Money Card

If you are planning to travel free and easy in Korea, transportation should be one of your main concerns after accommodation! Korea has an extensive network of transportation, and in Seoul, the subway can get you to anywhere you would like! To use their subway, you could either purchase a single-trip ticket at the machines in the subway station, or you could purchase a “cash card” that you could simply tap and go every time. This guide will tell you more about what is T-Money, where to buy and how to use it!tmoney2

T Money is a card which gives you access to the common transportations in Korea, You could use it for subway, bus and taxi*. You also enjoy discounts from multiple transfers and you could avoid the hassle of purchasing tickets every trip, which takes about 5 minutes for you to go through the machine in order to select your destinations.

Where to Purchase T-Money Card?

When you first arrive in Incheon Airport, you could head to the AREX (Airport Rail Express) station. If you are meeting trouble purchasing the card, kindly approach the station controller and let them know that you would like to purchase T-Money card. Convenience stores have it as well, so you could get one at the convenience store at the station, as well as at the airport.

Alternatively, you could get to Seoul city,and purchase T Money Card from any of the following locations:

  • Subway Stations
  • Designated T-Money vending machines
  • Convenience stores like 7-Eleven, GS25
  • Dealers that have the T Money sign displayed

If you need to top up your T Money card, you could easily do so at the Ticket vending machine located at subway stations.

How much is the T Money Card?

For the standard T Money card, it costs 3000 won (less than $3 USD) for the card itself and the amount to top up the card would be up to you to decide. Each trip costs you 900 won and up, so you could roughly gauge about a dollar per trip and top up your desired amount according to the number of trips you would need to take.


You might take fancy to its wide variation as they come in the form of key chains, cell phone charms, watches, rings and even stuffed animals, each varying in prices.

How to use the T Money Card in subway?

tmoney usage

photo credit to visitseoul.net

1. Place your T Money card on the sensor bearing the T Money Logo at the entrance of the bus or on top of the subway turnstile until it beeps. The card can also be detected if you leave your card in your wallet and tap your wallet.
2. There will be two numbers shown. The number on top represents the amount charged to your card, and the number at the bottom represents the amount of money left in your card.
3. Tap your card again before you exit the bus or subway station to avoid paying maximum fare.
4. If you are transferring from one transport to another, you can also enjoy transfer discounts. This is only applicable if you have tapped your card before exiting during your previous trip, and you are boarding your next transport within 30 minutes.

Where can I use the T Money Card?

T Money card is multipurpose and besides transportation, you could also use it to pay at some stores as well as attractions.

  • Buses and Subway
  • Taxis that have the T Money sign displayed
  • GS 25 and other selected convenience stores
  • Payphones, vending machines, photo booths and other public facilities
  • Selected cultural locations including Seoul’s four palaces (except Gyeonghuigung)
  • Lotte World amusement park
  • Kyobo Book Centre
  • Other services

This is the sign you should lookout for on taxis if you want to use T Money to pay.

t money taxi

photo credit to visitseoul.net

How do I get a refund before I leave South Korea?

When you are leaving Korea, you might be considering a refund on your T Money. Our advice is, keep it as a momento! In the future, if you were to visit Korea again, it would be much more convenient as you already have this powerful card in your hand! Moreover, this card never expires, so you could be reassured that its value never changes.

However, if you are certain you would not be using T Money in the near future, you could get a refund of your unused balance by bringing your T Money card to a refund reception office (selected convenience stores like GS25, excluding 7-11). You will receive a full refund at a 500 won service fee. Partial refund is not allowed.

Is there something for the children?

Yes! There is a Youth card available for children aged between 7-12 and this card provides the privilege of cheaper fares. After purchasing your card, you may register for it here: http://www.t-money.co.kr/. Click on Foreigner Guide at the top left hand corner and proceed to step 2.

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