10 Street Food in Korea You Must Try!

Korea is known to be a haven for food. There are so many different kind of delicious food to try in Korea and how can anyone miss out on the street food? It is very common to see stalls set up by the road side and they are not only safe for consumption, but extremely worth trying. We all love street food, because they are cheap and of small serving sizes, allowing us to munch as we explore.

We have put together 10 of our favourite street foods which we are sure you would like as well, so make sure you put all of these on your bucket list of Korea if you are going on a trip here!

1. Sweet & Spicy Cup Chicken Dalgangjeong 닭강정


Dalgangjeong is basically bite sized chicken that is first fried, then mixed in a sweet and spicy sauce. Sometimes, you can also find small pieces of Korean rice cake in the cup, which makes it even nicer as you have a variety of flavour. For those who are not that accustomed to spicy food, you could ask for non-spicy or request for less spicy. Not all of the stalls serve it hot and fresh, so be wise in your choice!

Average price: 3000 won (less than $3 USD)

2. Egg Bread Gyeran Bbang 계란빵


At the main street of Ewha University, you can find this delicious and sweet snack called Gyeran Bbang, which means Egg Bread. It is a really cheap snack which is extremely tasty! There are other variations of it, which has the egg exposed at the top and baked rather than cooked on a hot pancake mould. You can find this more commonly at popular places like Myeongdong and Hongdae. It is hugely popular in the cold weather, but you can find it all year round.

Average price: 800 won (less than $1 USD)

3. Barbeque Chicken Stick Dalkkochi 닭꼬치


Almost every Asian country has their own version of barbequed meat on the stick, and Dalkkochi, which means Chicken Skewer, is Korea’s version of it. There is a huge variety of such barbequed chicken stick, some has more seasoning and flavouring whereas some are just smeared with a sweet barbeque sauce. Some could get really spicy and some REALLY huge. No matter what the variation is, it is definitely going to be make you drool as you savour it.

Average price: 2000 won (less than $2 USD)

4. Sweet Biscuit Dalgona 달고나


If you are a sugar-toothed, you have to try Dalgona out. The entire crispy biscuit is made out of pure sugar and baking soda caramelized over a charcoaled hot plate. It is crispy and sweet, and breaks into small pieces with a slight force applied. There are cute figurines printed on the sweet biscuit and if you could bite the sides off successfully without breaking into the figure, you could get one more for free from the kind ahjummas who made it!

Average price:: 1000 won (less than $1 USD)

5. Spicy Ricecakes Tteokbokki 떡볶이

떡볶이One of the locals’ favourite street food has got to be the Spicy Ricecakes, Tteokbokki! Koreans can take their spices really well so most of the stalls serve it steaming hot and spicy. If you are game for an exciting ride on your tastebuds, get yourself a bowl of Tteokbokki! In the extremely cold weather, this would be a comfort food as it would likely make you break out in sweat from all that spicness! The ricecakes are really chewy and might not appeal to everyone’s preference, but you really should give a try on this authentic Korean dish.

Average price: 3000 won (less than $3 USD)


6. Blood Sausage Soondae 순대

순대This is the Korean version of Blood sausage. It is made by stuffing various kinds of ingredients like cellophane noodles, glutinous rice, shredded pork and pig blood into pig’s intestines. It may sound strange or junkish, but it is actually delicious and many Koreans enjoy it very much!

Average price: 5000 won (less than $5 USD)

7. Korean Fishcake Odeng 오뎅


This is one of the hot favourite for street food, and it can be found, EVERYWHERE in the country. Odeng is a delicious fishcake threaded into wooden skewers and placed into a homely warm broth to cook. It is really nice to chew on and you can enjoy the broth along with it for free if you stand by the stall to eat. This would be the top few comfort food during winter!

8. Korean Tempura Twigim 튀김


Twi Gim is the Korean version of Tempura. It is made with a whole variety of food, ranging from vegetables, meat, seafood, kimbap, egg and more. It is dipped in batter and deep fried till a delicious golden brown colour. A nice ahjumma will help you to refry it again to make it a crispy and satisfying snack! There are sauces available for dipping as Twi Gim by itself might be too plain for the tastebud. Usually, you could mix and match a few for just 2000 won.

Average price: 2000 won for 5 (less than $2 USD)

9. Sweet Korean Pancake Hotteok 호떡


Hotteok is a Korean pancake usually filled with a sweet mixture made from brown sugar, honey, chopped nuts and cinnamon. Most people would love this snack, especially girls as it is really yummy and sweet. Take a bite out of it and the warm and sweet mixture will ooze out, and it melts into the pancake as you chew.

Average price: 1000 won (less than $1 USD)

10. Tornado Potato Hweori Gamja 회오리감자


Last but not least, we have the Tornado Potato! It tastes like potato chip, but it is actually fresh potato cut on a special machine into a spiral shape, then deep fried to golden brown, and rolled in cheese powder before serving. It will be a favourite for all the junk food lovers as it taste really similar to potato chips, with a really nice sweet and salty seasoning made by the cheese powder.

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