How to go to SM Entertainment New Building and more!

To all the fervent fans of Kpop, dropping by the Entertainment agencies of the top Kpop groups and singers in Korea should be one of the main highlights of your Korea trip! Who knows, you might be really lucky to bump into your favourite stars at their agencies! This guide will bring you closer to SM, FNC, JYP and CUBE Entertainment agencies!

Recently, SM Entertainment, which boasts top artistes like SNSD, Super Junior and SHINEE, has shifted to a new building as their current building is under a facelift. FNC Entertainment, the house of top Korean bands, CNBLUE and FTIsland, have also shifted to a new building in Apgujeong. Along with JYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment, these popular Kpop entertainment agencies are located in the Apgujeong, Cheongdamdong area, arguably one of the most affluent areas in Seoul.

We have gone the miles for you to mark the new buildings down and now we are excited to bring you an EASY GUIDE TO SM ENTERTAINMENT, FNC ENTERTAINMENT, JYP and CUBE ENTERTAINMENT.

entertainmentagenciesbanner map to kpop agencies

refer to the map and follow the directions below

1. Take Subway “Bundang Line” (light brown) and arrive at Apgujeong Rodeo station.

2. Take Exit 2 to arrive at Galleria Departmental (East). You would be in the direction towards the destination, and the main road next to you would be “Apgujeong-ro”.

3. From here, you could choose to take a taxi down the long road or take a stroll for about 20minutes. If you prefer to take a taxi and you are confident of conveying the directions, let the driver know that you would like to stop at “Citibank” at the junction of Apgujeong-ro and Dosan-daero.


4. Otherwise, continue the walk till you see Citibank at the cross junctions of the next big road named Dosan-daero. Turn left here to trail along Dosan-daero and you would see the Korea Post office almost immediately.

road to sm entertainment

5. If you would like to head to FNC and SM Entertainment straight, turn left into the small street named “Dosan-daero 85-gil”, which is the street in between Korea Post and this grey metallic building (refer to picture). From here, it would be an easy walk straight to the end and you would see FNC in about 10 minutes.

fnc entertainment

6. To arrive at SM Entertainment, continue with the road to the end until you see a wider road and a park. Turn right and walk for 2 minutes and you would see the new SM Entertainment building.

sm entertainment

7. To return to JYP and Cube Entertainment, exit to Dosan-daero 99-gil and then, walk along Dosan-daero 89-gil. You would meet a junction with an acute angle with the prominent signs of Cube Entertainment and JYP.

From the map, you might notice that there are shorter routes to FNC and SM Entertainment, but those would be a more tedious route as they are more hilly and steep. You could give it a try with reference to this map but we would highly recommend you to follow our suggested route.

cube entertainment building

From Korea Post Office, you could head to Cube Entertainment and JYP Entertainment directly. Continue walking along the main Dosan-daero and turn left into the small street, “Dosan-daero 89-gil”. Within 2 minutes, you would see both the agencies which are diagonally opposite each other.

jyp building

We wish you all the luck to bump into some artistes at the area!

If you are unsure about any directions to the agencies, feel free to comment and we would be happy to help you!

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