Map: Garosugil, Sinsa-dong

garosugilSinsa-dong is one of the hippiest area to be in when in Seoul! It is famous for its Garosu-gil where trees line up the entire street which is long and straight. From either end, you could have a beautiful view of the never ending rows of trees. What make this street really popular are the trendy and fashion forward boutiques which holds some of the most sophisticated and stylish wear you could find in Seoul.

The trendiness of Garosugil naturally attracts the fashionistas and you are in for a eye-candy treat here. This would be the best place in Seoul for crowd-gazing in the cafes that dot the street.


Subway Line 3, stop at Sinsa Station.
Leave by exit 8, walk straight and turn right at the next big street.
If you see a row of trees, you have reached Garosu-gil.


Keep the map as a guide to your exploration in Garosu-gil!


We would be providing a series of maps of attractions for Korea so keep checking back!

sinsadong banner

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