What to do in Cheong Pyeong

cheongpyeong (1)

When you are bored of the bustling shopping and Kpop scenes in Seoul, you could easily travel out to a peaceful and slowpaced city, Cheong Pyeong. Cheong Pyeong is a scenic city surrounded by mountains and lakes and it is famed for its attractions – Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm and Nami Island. By train from Seoul, you could reach Cheong Pyeong station in about an hour.

Travelling within Cheong Pyeong is relatively manageable for solo travellers as there is a city bus that brings you to the various attractions. When you arrive at the station, head out from Exit 1 and you would find an information booth which holds all the important travel brochures you would need. The friendly “ahjumma” would also help to answer some queries you might have and it would be great if you know some basic Korean.

Petite France

petitefrance (2)

It takes about 30 minutes to reach Petite France from Cheong Pyeong station and you would be stopped directly outside the attraction. You would be awed by the colorful European style buildings built on the slope of a hill and you won’t be able to resist a photo or two. There are exhibitions in each of these small buildings and it would be rather interesting to view if you are a fan of knick knacks and traditional European toys and dolls. It also houses some snack bars and cafes that overlooks one of the best views of Cheong Pyeong. Moreover, this was a film set for Running Man and it would be fun to visit just because!

petitefrance (1)

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Garden of Morning Calm

gardenofmorningcalm (4)

We promise you would love Garden of Morning Calm. Famous as a filming site for the once-popular drama, You’re Beautiful, it is indeed as beautiful as it looked onscreen. This designer garden is made by Professor Han Sang-kyung and it covers a huge area of 30,000 square metres, surrounded by numerous mountains. This is one place which is great for visiting in every season as different flowers bloom in each season. Even if there aren’t as many flowers during the colder months, you could get to experience the spectacular laser displays after sunset, exclusive to Winter months only.

gardenofmorningcalm (2)

This garden is perfect for meditation, as well as for romantic picnics and family outings. The best scenes of this garden has got to be the Road to Heaven, Heaven Garden and Morning Plaza. You would be overwhelmed by the richness of the colours from the flowers and the peacefulness of this haven.

gardenofmorningcalm (1)

Nami Island

nami islandphoto credit as shown

Further away would be Nami Island, which is located more closely to Gapyeong. You could take the same bus and reach Nami Island in an hour. Nami Island is one of the most representative tourist spot in Korea. Rows and rows of seasonal trees that line the walkway make the scene for the famous drama, Winter Sonata. You would be impressed by the magnificent trees that tower over you, which changes from green to yellow and red in Autumn. You might also like to visit early in the morning to enjoy the best out of this island as it is usually packed with tour groups later in the day.

Water Sports in Cheong Pyeong

cheongpyeong (3)

For the more adventurous travellers, you would be able to try water sports such as Water Skiing and Wakeboarding nearby Petite France. There are also less challenging activities like Banana Boats and boat rides for the thrill seekers. Water sports is one of the highlights of Cheong Pyeong city and if you are a sports enthusiast, you have to try this out in the beautiful lake of Cheong Pyeong!

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How to get to Cheong Pyeong

You could easily browse Cheong Pyeong in a single day trip starting from Seoul. To get there, it would be best to travel via the subway.

Head to Sanbong station, which is the terminal of the Gyeongchun Line. It is about 7 stops away from Dongdaemun station with 1 transfer.

From Sanbong, take the train bound for Chuncheon and stop at the station, Cheong Pyeong. The ride would take about an hour from Sanbong.

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